To Do

[X] Buy 240sx

[X] Coilovers

[X] Welded Diff

[X] Cool Steering Wheel

[X] Remember How To Drift

[X] Blow Motor

[X] Buy 1JZ-GTE Motorset

[X] Buy Powered By Max Multi-Link

[X] Buy Powered By Max Subframe Risers

[X] Buy Mounts for 1JZ

[_] Buy Drive Shaft for 1JZ

[X] Buy Clutch For 1JZ

[X] Buy Radiator and Fans

[X] Buy Powered By Max HMIC

[_] Buy Stickers.

[X] Send Wiring Harnesses out

[X] Buy 1JZ Swap Crap

[X] Modify Transmission Cross Member for JZX90 Transmission Mount

[X] Remove Blown KA

[X] Install Powered By Max HMIC

[_] Install 1JZ

[_] Install Powered By Max Multilink

[_] Apply More Stickers.

[_] Get 1JZ Running

[_] Buy Wheels

[_] Replace OEM Suspension crap with new Units

[_] 5-Lug Swap, maybe.

[_] Stop Sucking at Drifting

[_] Drifting.


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