Nom, Nom, Metal





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Parked hard with some friends over the weekend.

Was radical.


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Real update coming soon, for now, picture.

DSC_0427 - Copy-Dustin.

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Grip Royal.

Well worth the wait.





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It’s been a while.

So, winter sucks. Been really busy lately and driving something like 500-600 miles a week. S14 didn’t like that too much, especially considering the weather conditions, and decided that it was going to destroy it’s fender harness.


IMG_2218 IMG_2221


So this was cool. Tried fixing what I could, but in the end, I got used to seeing a lot of this:


Finally bit the bullet, got tired of paying/using AAA for tows, and fixed the harness.


So while working, I found something cool… Looks like the shop that worked on my car when I initially began to have issues cut inspection slices in my main power wires…. Got those all sealed up.


So here was the job in progress. Went through the fender harness and identified any questionable wires (green tape) and any wires that needed to be repaired (white tape). I think it came to 17 wires total… Fun.

Here it is post repair, all tucked away. Ignore the mess of purple wiring, I left a bunch of extra on any fixed wires for future rerouting.

Of course, it’s never easy. Get the car buttoned back up, battery charged, and find that there’s no power in the chassis, or so I thought. No lights, etc, but I noticed the clock was on… Logically, I come to the conclusion that I have power, but there’s something impeding the flow. I check the grounds, everything looks good. Then I move to the power from the battery. Take the test light, go from the battery’s Positive Terminal to the ground – bright. Light from the starter wire to ground – bright. Light from 100A main fuse to ground – dim/non-existent. Work back up to the battery connector and find my problem.


IMG_2346So on S14’s there’s this funky connector on the battery. Basically it’s a standard post style terminal with a take off piece that goes to two 10ga-ish wires that feed the main fuse box. Turns out, mine was so corroded that my multimeter couldn’t even measure the resistance through the connector. Essentially this caused the battery to drain itself under any load, and more or less made the entire electrical system suck.



So, after about 20 minutes of sanding and cleaning, this was the finished product. Got the resistance from somewhere in the > 2M Ohm range to ~.003 Ohm. Cool.

And now the car runs again.



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Lighting and Shelves.

Been kind of busy lately so I haven’t been updating the blog. In any case, I’ve been focusing on making the S14 more ‘comfortable’ and convenient lately, most of which is boring. In any case, I installed some sound deadening in the trunk and under the rear seats and built a cargo shelf a while back.









Spare tire well, you can see the sound deadening, I also painted the panels black.


Beginning of the trunk shelf.


Added some supports on the bottom and cut out for my mini tool box.


Painted and installed to see how everything was going to fit.


Finished product with an empty trunk.


Some stuff actually on the shelf and ‘strapped’ down. Didn’t move during the entire 90 mile round trip which was pretty rad.


Also put LEDs in the cluster and HVAC, this is the cluster before.


HVAC Controls before. (lights are all pretty much dead)









HVAC Controls at Max brightness.









HVAC Controls with LEDs on Dimmest Lighting.









Cluster with LEDs installed on Brightest Lighting Setting.









Cluster on dimmest setting.









Interior shot, pretty sure I had the brightness up for this.

Probably going to get pretty quiet for a while, just going to put winter tires on along with my stocks and enjoy driving this thing for a few months. Way too cold to really do anything major on the car without a garage. :/


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Lighting yesterday made my car look kind of awesome. Took pictures.

DSC_0096 DSC_0094 DSC_0092 DSC_0089 DSC_0087Worth noting that I finally changed the fluid in my differential, changed the oil in the engine and trans as well and installed 20mm spacers up front. Fun times.



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