One Step Forward. Don’t Count the Steps back.



Since the motor’s out, I figured it’d be as good as a time as any to start cleaning up the wiring harness. Basically just cleaning and degreasing the connectors, and re-looming and rerouting some stuff, it’s pretty fun.Image

Better Picture of the Damage to #1 Piston, it’s done.


Finally pulled the block out, so much easier to do without the trans being connected.


Sweet Head Damage, Chipped Exhaust Valve and the heat casting is trashed.

Got a spare of just about everything now though.


Removed everything from the engine bay, and stripped any rusted areas down to bare metal. Took a while, but was definitely worth it.

Still have some more cleaning and stuff to do, along with some other bay prep, but I’m hoping to have another motor ordered/bought next week. Let’s see what happens.

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