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Quick Update, No Pictures.

Warning, this is another picture-less update, so if you’re the kind that doesn’t like to read just skip it. 😛 Friday Evening I scored a bunch of parts I’d been waiting for/needed, I got my clutch from EliteJDM which seems … Continue reading

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On the Subject of.

Street Drifting. We all do it, We’ve all done it. It’s risky, dangerous, illegal and thrilling. When done properly it’s probably one of the coolest “underground” things around. That being said, don’t brag about street drifting on the internet. No … Continue reading

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BAM! Wiring Harness.

Wiring Harness Came in yesterday. It’s both impressive an unimpressive at the same time. All things considered, I’m glad I sent it out. It was only about a 2 week turn-around give or take, and the quality of the work looks awesome … Continue reading

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Been thinking a lot.

About building a street car for when the Coupe is too awesome for street driving. Probably something like an S13 hatch with coils, welded diff, cheap arms, some sort of knock off aero kit, big wheels, 200hp SR, manly clutch, … Continue reading

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Haven’t made a post in a while. Freedom Moves was awesome as usual, made some new friends and partied with some old ones. Good times were had. I have pictures somewhere, but don’t really have any desire to go through … Continue reading

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On the Subject of Inspiration.

Being inspired is something I consider to be very important, because more often that not a good source of inspiration can be the difference between giving up and hanging in there. Inspiration is a strange thing though, and I don’t … Continue reading

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Freedom Moves. (Again – it’s that serious.)

Posting this up again as a reminder for the few people that read my blog on a regular basis. Freedom Moves should be quite rad, there are a bunch of non-local people heading up, not to mention all of the … Continue reading

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