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This Man Could Save The World.

Backwards entries are so rad. I wish they would catch on in the states. Stay Tuned. -Dustin. Advertisements

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Wrecked Moves.

Saturday I got up and went to Clubloose’s Wrecked Moves. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. Homie Josh killing it on the bank. He made tons of smoke, and I’m pretty sure these are his non-bleached tires. … Continue reading

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Did a new sticker, probably going to sell them if I get some good feedback. How many of you have been asked “Seriously?” over the years. I’d¬†guarantee¬†everyone of you have. This sticker is to let people know that you’re serious. … Continue reading

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A while back I was surfing some blogs and stumbled upon a good sunglasses place. It’s called knockaround. I’d bought sunglasses from them a few months back but I lost the pair that I liked. So I figured I’d grab … Continue reading

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My Favorite Sticker.

I’m a bit of a sticker whore, and I’d have to say that this one is my favorite. This week is going to be boring, I’m working a lot. Stay Tuned. -Dustin.

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Always Check Your Spare Tire.

Last Night I went to one of the local meets to hang out and didn’t really expect to post about it, but it was a fun night. My Friend drove her 240 there from Philly and when she got there … Continue reading

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Back To The Basics. (Video)

It’s been a long time since I’ve tried to slide and do corrections and all that jazz, so I wanted to go somewhere to make sure I still had the basics down. And So I Did – It’s on video. … Continue reading

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